Reincarnation Of Occupational Therapy

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The term occupational therapy has been in existence for a long time now but its presence was felt only recently. Today, occupational therapy has an important place in the life of people suffering from some kind of disability. It helps them lead a respectful life without being dependent on anyone. Through the techniques developed by the professionals the disabled bodies are taught how to perform day to day tasks in some innovative ways. New technologies which might help them in life are brought into their lives.

Many surveys and studies in recent times have revealed that the work atmosphere of today puts a lot of pressure on the individuals. Most of them complain of mental tensions or the adverse affects on their bodies. The occupational therapists help these people to fit in better to the work atmosphere and enjoy their work rather despising it. Professionals these days are always looking a way to cut costs and increase the profit margin. In this context the hiring of a new employee after the older employee has developed some kind of disability is quite an expensive matter. There are costs involving searching a new employee and to train him/her. Rather than doing this companies consult a occupational therapy consultancy which helps them repair the injured.

This task involves first finding the problem. Once the problem is located then the therapists has to find out the kind of therapy required. In case of some physical disability, some new equipment is introduced to him/her to help in the work efficiency. In case of some mental disability, an intervention maybe order too to make the patient believe that he/she is an important part of the team and what the future prospects would be for him/her.

Another job the occupational therapists do in the offices is ergonomics assessments. In this study the OT has to assess a lot of different subtle things in order to improve your productivity. The OT observes your head and neck position, a comfortable and impressive chair design, hand and wrist positions, refreshment breaks at regular intervals. These observations then lead to improvements that need to be made.

Wheelchair assessment is also done by occupational therapists. Wheelchairs should make all the body parts feel comfortable. Knowledge of how the body works while sitting down is necessary for this job. The wrong kind of wheelchair can become a pain in itself rather than being a remedy for it. The wheels should be in relation to the arms and hands of the patient. A wheelchair with high seating might make it difficult for the patient to use his/her arms fully in moving forward.
Occupational therapy is a field which is rapidly growing and has bright prospects for the future. The industry is expected to grow considerably in the near future in the areas unexplored till now.

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Occupational therapy is the best way in maintaining the health of an employee. Professional occupational therapist have unique ways and they recover the health easily and quickly.

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Reincarnation Of Occupational Therapy

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This article was published on 2011/09/28