Occupational Therapy Schools: Training for Your Master's Degree

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If you are considering the fast growing field of occupational therapy, then you are likely looking at occupational therapy schools.  The role of occupational therapist is to help their patients restore or improve their ability to complete the routine tasks of their lives and jobs. The patient may be suffering a physical, psychological, mental, or developmental issue that is rendering them disabled in some area. The therapist not only helps their patients develop skills they need, but also to create compensation skills as well. The skills occupational therapists teach range from helping patients dress themselves to utilizing a computer for a job. There may be adaptive equipment the patient needs to learn to use, such as, wheelchairs, aids for eating or dressing, or orthotics.

While you are in occupational therapy schools, you may decide you want to specialize in a certain age group. Some occupational therapists focus on helping children. They may go to the school setting and help the child through therapy or modification. Other occupational therapists work solely with elderly patients, who have perhaps had a stroke or some other debilitating event.

Occupational therapists need to be physically well. They stand on their feet a lot and often must lift or stretch to perform their job functions. They often travel to the locations of their patients. Typically, their work week is 40 hours.

When you think of occupational therapy schools, you are really thinking of Masters degree programs. You cannot enter the field without a Masters degree in occupational therapy. There is also a national certification exam. A lot of schools with this program are full-time only, but an increasing number of schools are offering part-time programs.

To prepare for a future in occupational therapy, the high school student should take a curriculum heavy on science. Social sciences are important as well. Exercising volunteer opportunities would be to the student's advantage.

When getting your undergraduate degree, consider programs in the sciences and social sciences, such as anatomy, and biology, or anthropology, sociology or psychology.  Once you have obtained your Masters degree and begun working in the field, expect to participate in continuing education.

When you are shopping for occupational therapy schools, make sure they have the amenities and features you need, such as:

  • A high rate of graduating students passing the national exam
  • Job placement and counseling
  • Flexible scheduling if you intend to go part-time

Occupational therapists get an opportunity to help people and enhance their lives. It is a very rewarding career. You get to watch patients grow and make progress. And you get to help people better enjoy their lives. Once you graduate with your Masters degree in occupational therapy, you should be able to easily find a job. Make sure you prepare yourself with a solid science and social science background. This will make your higher education experience smoother. You want to graduate as prepared as possible to be successful in your chosen career field. Occupational therapy schools are your first step toward your future.

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Occupational Therapy Schools: Training for Your Master's Degree

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This article was published on 2011/03/29