Occupational Therapy for Mental and Emotional Disorders

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Today lots of people are suffering form different types of disorder such as mental disorder, emotional disorder and psychic disorder. Occupational therapy is one the many treatment  which cure mental and emotional diseases. Occupational therapy is one of the most effective treatments that can provide normal life to individuals who suffer from mental or emotional conditions. Occupational therapist main aim is to assist people attain freedom in every area of their lives. Many people have a misconception that it is only for adults and elderly people, but it surely plays a important role in childcare’s life as well. It includes fun activities for kids, enhances their psychological and physical capabilities, and also increases self-esteem and the sense of achievement. Children don't have occupations, but are in the stage of playing and learning. The therapy comprises assessing children skills in playing activities, and performances in school, and comparing them with factors needed for the necessary development of a child in a specific age group. The treatment may also help children in their school activities, such as improving handwriting, copying from the blackboard, hitting a target accurately, etc.

Occupational therapy is unique for every single as each child has his/her own special demands and learning speed. It is impossible to lay down some standardized occupational therapy exercises that could be applicable to everyone. In a way, occupational therapists are the people who teach their patients how to do simple things in different ways. It goes without saying that an occupational therapist has to be highly sensitive and responsive to the needs of their patients. Children, who have trouble doing certain things, have often found these exercises highly useful, and they are regularly put through occupational therapy exercises for hands, for legs, for feet and even for the mind.

The Occupational therapy is also advantageous to patients who have physical coordination difficulties, as they may be asked to perform activities and exercises which would improve the hand-eye coordination. Occupational therapy also consists of the use of computers, which enhances patient's decision-making, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and perceptual skills. It helps the patient sharpen his memory, sequencing skills, and mental and physical coordination, which is crucial for a satisfying normal life. Occupational therapists work in a variety of environments, assisting single person who suffer from illness, injury, or disability. These Occupational therapists help individuals engage in meaningful occupations such as vocational, recreational, or self-care activities. Social service organizations, institutions, and client workplaces are just a few possible settings for occupational therapy jobs.

With increase in emotional and mental problems among the people, there is a huge need for people working in the field of occupational therapy. Even insurance companies have started hiring professionals trained in this field. It is also estimated that occupational therapists will hold management positions in various organizations and they will also have to work in fields like teaching and research.

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Occupational therapy is growing field and offer many benefits to people. Occupational therapist always assist people to cure their problems. Read more about ergonomic assessment .

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Occupational Therapy for Mental and Emotional Disorders

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Occupational Therapy for Mental and Emotional Disorders

This article was published on 2012/03/05