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Occupational therapy may be defined as a profession, concerned with occupation and health well-being of working individuals. It is considered that there is a very old relationship between occupation and health. Occupational therapy aims at providing a sense of satisfaction to the person that also enables him to perform at a large working environment. It removes the hurdles in the way of successful occupation. In the fast moving globalized world the require of occupational therapists has been increased since last few decades. Occupational therapists are specialist in removing any kind of physical and mental illness of working professionals. The methods used by these therapists such as ergonomic assessment and wheelchair assessment are some exceptional way to reduce the burden and stress of routine work.

Ergonomics assessment enables you to design a proper and compatible workplace needed to work in tension free environment. It also prevents you from cyclical strain injuries and complexity of work. In today's world ergonomics assessment aims at best possible use of technology at the work place. The use of equipment and then its implementation at the right place is something a normal person cannot do, except an experienced occupational therapist. Ergonomics assessment aims at various issues such as industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, anthropometry, biomechanics, kinesiology, physiology and psychology etc.

Occupational therapy will also train you the ins and outs of your specific condition so that you know what to expect, what to avoid doing, and what to do to minimize the harm on yourself so you can go longer between massages and not need so many painkillers. If nothing else, occupational therapists will teach you what you need to do at home to stop chronic pain before it get to be too much to bear and how to deal with it without the use of drugs. After all, it is therapy as well as pain management, so you learn more about yourself and how to work with yourself as well as get pain relief.

Ergonomics may be describe as change the workplace according to human body and needs for comfortable working environment. Ergonomic assessment includes various methods, theories and principles to change the workplace for comfortable working environment. The main purpose of applying ergonomics is that to make human body comfortable in work conditions.

Maintenance of the wheelchair is necessary to stay safe and prevent any accident that could happen to the users leading an on-the-go lifestyle. It is equally important to maintain the center of gravity and follow all the safety protection using positioning belt etc. ensuring security care. If you happen to remain in a wheelchair in a moving vehicle, use tie-down system to anchor to the floor of the vehicle. It should be a transport safe wheelchair, which can withstand or tested for a 30 mph collision. It is better to use occupant restraint system, if it is existing, apart from positioning belt. Keep the power off avoiding a bump into the joystick while the power is on.
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Occupational Therapy promotes health by enabling people to perform meaningful occupations. Occupational Therapists work with all to facilitate health, well-being and justice through engagement in occupation.

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More Information On Occupational Therapy

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This article was published on 2011/02/16