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Recently, from the Ministry of Health Web site noted that the division of responsibilities under the Occupational Disease Prevention Department, Occupational Disease Prevention Law in 2010 during the promotional week, the health departments nationwide to inform the public in 2009 and 2009 reported occupational diseases in the health sector to carry out the work and in 2010 the main focus of the work .

Under 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities (excluding Tibet) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of occupational diseases reported in 2009, 18,128 cases of occupational diseases various types of new hair. The number of cases of occupational diseases The top three industries were coal, nonferrous metals and Metallurgy , Respectively, of 41.38% of the total number of cases, 9.33% and 6.99%. Since the founding of New China to the end of 2009, 722,730 cumulative reported cases of occupational diseases.

Which, in 2009 new cases of pneumoconiosis were reported 14,495 cases of deaths in 748 cases. In the 14,495 cases of new cases of pneumoconiosis in coal miners with pneumoconiosis and silicosis accounted for 91.89%. Pneumoconiosis is still currently the most serious occupational diseases in China, in 2009, reports the number of pneumoconiosis cases of reported occupational diseases accounted for 79.96% of total number of patients; length of service reduced the incidence of pneumoconiosis, when the bulk of pneumoconiosis has occurred; in the incidence of pneumoconiosis in the situation of small enterprises severe, more than half of pneumoconiosis found in small and medium enterprises. Occupational poisoning, in 2009 reported a total of 272 various types of acute occupational poisoning, the poisoning, 552 cases, 21 cases of death, mortality rate was 3.80%. Including 18 cases of serious occupational poisoning, 188 cases of poisoning death in 21 cases, mortality was 11.17%. Cause of acute occupational poisoning nearly 50 kinds of chemical substances, toxic substances the greatest number of cases of carbon monoxide, mainly in the metallurgy, coal, construction and building materials industries. 66.74% of acute occupational poisoning cases occurred in small businesses. In 2009 reported a total of 1912 cases of chronic occupational poisoning. Chronic occupational poisoning caused by chemical substances were the top three of the lead and its compounds, benzene, arsenic and its compounds were 1,082 cases (accounting for 56.59%), 208 cases (10.88%) and 165 patients (8.63 %), mainly in the metallurgical, nonferrous metal and machinery industries. In 2009 reported a total of 63 cases of occupational cancer. Of which 22 cases of leukemia caused by benzene, coke oven workers Lung Cancer 19 cases of lung cancer caused by asbestos, mesothelioma, 11 cases of bladder cancer induced by benzidine in 11 cases. 2009 were reported occupational diseases such as ENT 1106 cases of oral diseases. One occupational ENT 424 cases of oral diseases (noise mostly deaf, reaching 348 cases), 192 cases of occupational diseases caused by biological factors (190 cases of brucellosis, tick-borne encephalitis in 2 cases), 176 cases of occupational skin diseases, occupational 161 cases of eye disease, 111 cases of occupational diseases due to physical factors, and other diseases in 42 cases.

2009, the health sector to further strengthen the prevention of occupational diseases, the protection of workers health. First, earnestly implement the "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" and the "National Occupational Disease Prevention Plan (2009-2015)." July 2009, the Ministry of Health issued "on the implementation of" Nationalism occupational disease prevention plan (2009-2015)> Notice "(Health Authority 2009 69 issued). Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shaanxi, Ningxia and other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have issued a local occupational disease prevention and control planning and implementation. 2009, the state has increased investment on occupational disease prevention, came up with special funds to strengthen the central and western regions of 22 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of occupational diseases.

Second, to further strengthen the construction and management, regulate occupational health, occupational disease diagnosis and identification of the work. In 2009, the Ministry of Health has issued "The Ministry of Health to further strengthen the management of occupational disease diagnosis and identification of the notice" (Health Authority issued 2009 No. 82) and other documents, held a national work conference on occupational disease diagnosis and identification, diagnosis and organization of national occupational Identification of relevant experts on the Technical Steering Committee of Jiangxi, Sichuan Province, occupational health examination, occupational disease diagnosis and identification of the work carried out spot checks.

3 is the "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" series of promotional activities. March 2009, the Ministry of Health in conjunction with Human Resources and Social Security, General Administration and the National Federation of safety supervision in order to "protect the health of migrant workers is the common responsibility of society as a whole" as the theme, joint "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" propaganda Week, held Forum to protect the health of migrant workers.
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Ministry Of Health, 2009 Occupational Disease Prevention And Control Work - Occupational Disease -

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